Better Books

At Hipper Tiger, our goal is to deliver better books.



Hipper Tiger is a small publisher with high standards. What does this mean for you? Four things.

Great writing.

With Hipper Tiger you can count on great writing. Our fiction features first class storytelling and our non-fiction is compelling. All of it is original and inventive and every book is fastidiously edited.

Here’s what other authors have said about the Hipper Tiger title Luck and Death at the Edge of the World:

“A Great science fiction detective story”
– Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine

“Cutting edge speculative fiction”
– Ernest Hogan, author of Cortez on Jupiter

“Sharply erudite, with the vicious tang of cordite”
– Paul Morris, author of Time Traveller Danny and the Codebreaker

And here’s what some noted editors have said about International Speculative Fiction, which we copublish with ISF and

A fascinating and valuable look at what’s happening in other parts of the science fiction world, far outside of the usual American/English genre boundaries, and a book filled with strong new voices.
– Gardner Dozois, editor of The Year’s Best Science Fiction series

This is what science fiction should do: amaze, sometimes alarm, and always entertain, in worlds that manage to be not our own but still reflect our reality.
– Cat Rambo, former fiction editor at Fantasy Magazine

High quality eBook construction.

Our ebooks will work the way  they’re supposed to, period. If you ever buy a Hipper Tiger book that doesn’t work properly, email us a copy of your receipt and tell us your preferred ebook format and we’ll send you a replacement, no questions asked.

More bang for your book-buying buck (or Euro, or Pound, or Rupee).

Not only will every Hipper Tiger book be of high quality, but you’ll often get more than you bargained for.

For instance, many of our fiction titles feature a bonus section called The Facts in the Fiction, a behind-the-scenes look at the factual background to the fictional story including links to web pages, PDF documents, and videos.

Many of our books also have their own web sites, with updates and even more bonus material. They’re free, so try taking a look at the web site for Luck and Death at the Edge of the World or The Virgin Birth of Sharks and see for yourself.

“Better” isn’t a static state.

Hipper Tiger is committed to being better, but also to getting better. If you have a thought or suggestion about how we can improve, email us at We’d love to hear from you!

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