International SF

International Speculative Fiction 

A fascinating and valuable look at what’s happening in other parts of the science fiction world, far outside of the usual American/English genre boundaries, and a book filled with strong new voices.
– Gardner Dozois, editor of The Year’s Best Science Fiction series

This is what science fiction should do: amaze, sometimes alarm, and always entertain, in worlds that manage to be not our own but still reflect our reality.
– Cat Rambo, former fiction editor at Fantasy Magazine

Hipper Tiger is proud to announce that as of December 2012 it is co-publishing International Speculative Fiction, a free quarterly magazine and annual anthology featuring science fiction, fantasy, and horror from outside the English-language mainstream.

ISF’s mandate is to publish:

  • stories in English translation that were originally written in other languages
  • fiction from regions of the world that are usually under-represented in other publications, and
  • fiction with a distinctly internationalist orientation, irrespective of its source.

The new publishing arrangement sees the magazine co-published by International Speculative FictionHipper Tiger, and Indie Book Launcher.

ISF continues to fill its traditional role of building a truly impressive roster of authors, while Hipper Tiger and Indie Book Launcher provide copy editing, cover design, and ebook formatting services, thus bringing all details of ISF production to the same impressive standards as the writing.

 The ISF 2012 Annual Anthology

ISF 2012 rendered

ISF 2012 Annual Anthology

The ISF 2012 Annual Anthology is now available in PDF, ePUB, and Kindle formats from the ISF page and the epub is also available on Kobo.

Authors in the anthology include:

  • Lavie Tidhar (World Fantasy Award  and British Fantasy Award winner)
  • Ken Liu (Nebula and Hugo Award winner)
  • Aliette de Bodard (British Science Fiction Award winner)


ISF Issue #5 (December 2013)



ISF Issue #4 (May 2013)

ISF Issue #4

ISF Issue #4

All three of the authors whose fiction appears in this issue have won the World Fantasy Award:

  • Zoran Živković
  • S.P. Somtow
  • Ken Liu

The issue also goes in-depth with Zoran Živković, including an interview with the author and an article about him alongside his story “The Astronomer.”

All this, plus reviews of fiction from around the world.

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